Alleged IS affiliate, nephew of Minister, maybe framed, defends brother

A University of New South Wales student accused of documenting plans in a notebook to assassinate two senior Australian politicians is the nephew of a Sri Lankan cabinet minister.

Mohamed Nizamdeen, 25, is related to Sri Lankan MP Faiszer Musthapha, who is the country’s Sports and Local Government Minister.

The PhD student, who was on Friday charged with a terrorism-related offence, is also the grandson of Jehan Kamer Cassim, the late former chairman of one of Sri Lanka’s biggest banks — Bank of Ceylon.

Mr Nizamdeen, who also worked as a UNSW business systems analyst, was arrested at the Kensington campus last Thursday.

His arrest came after a colleague found a notebook allegedly containing details of plans to kill former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and his deputy Julie Bishop.

The alleged list of targets also included the former speaker Bronwyn Bishop, the Sydney Opera House, major train stations and police stations across the harbour city.

On Friday police told a media conference Mr Nizamdeen appeared to be an Islamic State affiliate.

Sydney was ‘extremely opening’

His brother today defended his sibling on Facebook, describing him as “an open minded Muslim” who he believed was innocent.

“He would have had absolutely no reason to engage in such disgusting, hateful crimes to a city, which has been extremely opening to him for the past six years,” he said.

“He has not been able to communicate with any one of us back home and we are simply broken and deeply affected by this unnecessary turn of events.”

Plain-clothed detectives seized computers, mobile phones and documents from Mr Nizamdeen’s inner-city apartment at Zetland on Friday before conducting further raids on university grounds.

Police allege Mr Nizamdeen, who does not have any criminal history in Australia, was operating by himself, but do not believe he was capable of carrying out a terror attack.

The commerce graduate was one of the faces of UNSW’s Hero Program and had worked as a business systems analyst since 2016, where he helped develop several projects aimed at stopping identity theft.

While his student visa is due to expire at the end of this month, the Australian Federal Police have applied for a Criminal Justice Stay visa so they can prosecute him in Australia.

If convicted, Mr Nizamdeen could face up to 15 years in prison.

The following is the Facebook Message from the brother of Mr Nizamdeen-

For 19 years of my life I grew up adoring my brother. I remember when walked into school for the first time with my brother holding my hand. I remember meeting his friends and them telling me that he is the one they go to when they seek advice. I remember I remember his friends telling him that they wished they were half the man he is. I remember him as the type of man who could light up a party and still wake me up for Fajr the next morning.

Please do not believe whatever the media puts forward as that is completely opposite of the beliefs of my brother and that is not the way we were raised by our parents. Everything he did he did for the well-being of his family and would always try to help his parents in whatever way he could.

His accomplishments within the university in UNSW speak for themselves and he would have had absolutely no reason to engage in such disgusting,hateful crimes to a city which has been extremely opening to him for the past 6 years.

He was an open minded Muslim who has been framed by someone with immense jealousy in their hearts. Jealousy on his accolades,his position and the type of character he has developed. Do not allow this negative outpouring from the media change your views on the man you knew for he is still that man and for those of you that don’t know him, open your eyes and look around at the amount of positive comments coming forth from those who do. No one has anything ill to say about him and that is why we are all truly shocked to see someone set him up to such an extent.

When the media tells you that he traveled to Sri Lanka and “other areas” please understand that “other areas” are not Syria or any war torn region in the Middle East it is simply The United States Of America where he traveled to visit family. When they tell you that they raided his apartment and found “Electronic Gadgets” please note that they are referring to a Phone,Laptop and an Xbox. Do not fall into the trap of believing whatever they tell you as they are now desperate to cover up their mistakes. He has been falsely accused and as justification of having no conclusive evidence their motive is to prolong his stay under custody to simply save themselves. I sincerely ask all those of you who know him to put a small message/statement regarding your interactions and memories with him. To those of you who want to continue downgrading him for this simple accusation put yourself in his shoes or his families shoes. He has not been able to communicate with any one of us back home and and we are simply broken and deeply affected by this unnecessary turn of events however we won’t give up in fighting for his cause and exposing the truth.

To he who has done this and framed my brother I sincerely cannot speak for my parents but I can forgive you. I hope you look deeply into your heart and feel guilt in your horrendous crime. I hope you can find God and that you can have sincere repentance and come out and tell the truth.

“Verily with Hardship comes Ease”

“Allah tests those whom we loves”

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