Spotlight on ‘Janabalaya Kolambata’, as protest march by the Joint Opposition (JO) nears

The ‘Janabalaya Kolambata’, anti-government protest campaign organized by the joint opposition is scheduled to be held on September 5 in Colombo at 2.00 pm and the venue of it will be announced on the day of protest.

The joint opposition today charged that the government was frightened about the anti-government protest campaign scheduled for Wednesday and was attempting to sabotage it.

Joint opposition member MP Kanchana Wijesekera told a news conference that the Road Passenger Transport Authority had been ordered to restrict the issuance of temporary road permits for September 5, 6 and 7 in order to decrease the number of vehicles travelling in those days.


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“The government is planning to prevent people from attending the protest campaign. This situation is reported from many areas across the country mainly in the Western Province,” he said.

He said the government was also in an attempt to postpone the Parliamentary sessions scheduled to be held on September 4 and 5 in order to avoid the publication of the parliamentarians’ comments made during the sessions on the joint opposition’s protest campaign.

Meanwhile MP Namal Rajapaksa said that the ‘Janabalaya Kolambata’, protest march would be carried out in a peaceful way,

Addressing a news briefing, he said the protest march had been organized in a way that no harm would be caused neither by the general public nor to public property.

“The Government is spreading rumours that the JO protest would bring inconvenience and trouble to the general public. It is obvious that the Government is scared of this protest because they know that this protest march would become a challenge to the Government,” the MP said.

“That’s why they are in a move to sabotage this protest march,” the MP added.

He said the protest campaign mainly aimed at toppling the Government and pressing it to go for the General Election.

Meanwhile, MP Kanchana Wijesekera said that anybody could join hands with them irrespective of party affiliations.

“This is a protest for all those who are against this Government and aspiring to have a new Government. Hence, there is no restriction or barrier to joining in this protest,” MP Wijesekera said.

Whilst the ‘JO’ wants to induct large crowds, coalition leaders want to do just the opposite — prevent as many from taking part. Indications of who will win the ding-dong battle will be known within the next 48 hours. Yet, it has set off alarm bells in the coalition. The Western Province Transport Authority has banned from yesterday until September 8 all private bus operators undertaking special tours. Only buses operating on specified routes on permits issued to them will be permitted on the roads. Violators will have their permits cancelled. Other than that first blow, more are due, say government sources.

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