MP Range Bandara spills the beans on alleged bribe

UNP Parliamentarian Palitha Range Bandara addressing a press conference at Temple Trees on the alleged attempts to bribe him, plays recording exposing the attempted ‘deal’.

Mr Bandara’s ‘conversations’ include S.B. Dissanayake, Yoshitha Rajapaksa and S.B Nawinne’s ‘coordinators’. In one of the conversations, an agent offers to pay him Rs. 500 million in US dollars. In another recording, UPFA’s S.B. Dissanayake calls Mr Bandara and offers him a Cabinet position if he cross over to the government “immediately”.

Mr Bandara, at the presser, also alleges that Prof. Ranjitha Bandara was the go-between in the ‘financial deal’ and attempted to contact him over the phone several times. Presents call records and affidavits from his security officers to the media .

Mr Bandara also indicated he is in possession of the recording of a telephone conversation with a “very powerful” person which he promises to play before the media “very soon.” He also adds that he has another recording of a conversation with a “VVIP”.

President Maithripala Sirisena fired Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister and named Rajapaksa in a surprise move last week that has drawn criticism from political parties and the international community.

Wickremesinghe called his sacking illegal and demanded a floor test in parliament to show he retains his majority. The session has been set for Wednesday, the speaker of parliament has said.

On Friday, a member of parliament from Wickremesinghe’s party, Palitha Range Bandara, said a caller from the Rajapaksa camp urged him to defect before the parliament session.

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